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Essential Oils & Aromatherapy


Book Title Book Description

Advance Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt, Phd.

This book draws on broad-based research to demostrate how essential oils interact with differenct systems of the body and how they affect emotional states as well as physical ones.

138 pages

$ 17.00


The Directory of Essential Oils
by Wanda Sellar

Dictionary of Essential Oils

'The research put into the production of this book is mind-boggling, making it the most comprehensive collection of facts relating to essential oils ever offered with aromatherapists in mind ... and contains much information that is not readily available from other sources. A real "must" for every aromatherapist's bookshelf.' Aromatherapy Quarterly

191 pages

$ 18.00


Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy
by Chrissie Wildwood

Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy

'The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy offers the most elegantly comprehensive package on the whole art and science of aromatherapy written to date. It deservedly takes its place among the small handful of indispensable reference books on this fascinating therapy.'
Seza Eccles, Editor of Aromatherapy Quarterly

302 pages

$ 30.00


Aromatherapy Workbook

by Marcel Lavabre

Aromatherapy Workbook


The Aromatherapy Workbook is a 182-page book suitable for a beginner, but is much more in-depth than a recipe-style book. If you're getting beyond just following recipes or if you wish to learn more about aromatherapy, this book will be a helpful addition to your library. I especially appreciate Levabre's section on essential oil chemistry. Most books that provide introductory aromatherapy information don't include the informative and helpful information on EO chemistry. 

Contents of the Aromatherapy Workbook

  • Introduction
  • Aromatics and Perfumes in History
  • Aromatherapy: A Multilevel Therapy
  • Essential Oils: Extraction and Adulteration
  • The Chemistry of Essential Oils
  • Principles of Aromatherapy: How Essential Oils Work
  • The Use of Essential Oils for Health, Beauty, and Well-Being
  • The Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils in Botanical Families
  • The Art of Blending
  • Appendix I: Essential Oil Reference Table
  • Appendix II: Aromatherapy Therapeutic Index
  • Appendix III: Resource Guide
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index of Essential Oils
  • Index

$ 17.00


Aromatherapy An A-Z by Patricia Davis

'...one of the most thoroughly researched books written on aromatherapy'

The International Journal of Aromatherapy

333 pages

$ 25.00


Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty, Hair and Skin Care
By Erich Keller

Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty, skin & Hair

More than 100 recipes provide an endless variety of formulas and fragrances to choose from.

$ 15.25



"the first book to focus on the profound spiritual and psychological benefit of essential oils."

"A clear and comprehensive guide for the beginner, student, or qualified practitioner."

$ 20.00



Aromatherapy Card Deck
Content Description: 54 cards containing information about essential oils, aromatherapy benefits, and experiences associated with aromatherapy.
Directions: 54 cards will guide you through your own aromatherapy experience.

$ 12.00



Aromatherapy Wheel by Aura Cacia

Aromatherapy Wheel

Learn about the most common Essential Oils, properties, suggested use, Aroma, Blends with and special features. It also have suggestions for Baths, Massage, Inhalation, Diffusion, Room Spray, Perfumes, Compress, Skin & Hair Care. All in one hand to use reference wheel.

$ 10.00






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