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Reference Charts

Aromatherapy Cards
by Aura Cacia

Aromatherapy Card Deck

Content Description: 54 cards containing information about essential oils, aromatherapy benefits, and experiences associated with aromatherapy.
Directions: 54 cards will guide you through your own aromatherapy experience.

$ 12.00



Aromatherapy Wheel
by Aura Cacia

Aromatherapy Wheel

Learn about the most common Essential Oils, properties, suggested use, Aroma, Blends with and special features. It also have suggestions for Baths, Massage, Inhalation, Diffusion, Room Spray, Perfumes, Compress, Skin & Hair Care. All in one hand to use reference wheel.

$ 10.00




Reference Chart by BachFlower.com


2 sided description of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies in Dr. Bach's own words.




Rescue Remedy Chart
by BachFlower.com

2 sided descriptions of the different Rescue products.


$ 3.00



Pictorial Reference Cards by the Bach Centre


The Bach Centre's traditional set of illustrated reference cards, each depicting a watercolour of a remedy plant. On the back is descriptive information including details of where and when Dr Bach first prepared the remedy.



$ 17.50


Bach Wall Chart
by the Bach Centre

The Bach Centre's full-colour poster showing all 38 remedies in a wheel. Remedies are colour-coded by group. This has been one of the Bach Centre's most popular items since it was first introduced in the 1970s.

Wall Poster Bach


$ 18.00