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Herbal Remedies

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Book Title Book Description
Herbal Remedies    

Neem India's Miraculous Healing Plant

Wonderful book describing how to use Neem, for people, animals, plants.

It has several recipes for cosmetics, pain management, insect repellent and animal care.



Neem hands-on guide


NEEM: A Hands-on Guide to One of the World’s Most Versatile Herbs updates
the 1992 report from the National Research Council and also brings you observations provided by people who have experienced health benefits first-hand from the various neem products available. We’ve done our best to make this broad overview as userfriendly
as possible.




Neem the Ultimate Herb by John Conrick

165 pages

Very informative book with testimonials, general conditions treated with Neem, and home preparation on need products.




The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines    
  Smart Medicine for Healthier Living




A Russian Herbal



The Healing Grove    
Pharmacy Guide to Herbal Remedies  

$ 15.00


The Family Herbal by Barbara & Peter Theiss

278 pages

A guide to Natural Care for yourself and your children from Europe's Leading Herbalists.